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Congratulations Southside 9th Grade Choir members!


On Saturday, October 7th, 47 of our 67 9th Grade singers traveled to Dover High School for Region 4 All-Region Choir auditions.

Out of those 47, 30 chaired or made alternate. 4 students were placed 1st chair, and a total 14 singers placed in the top 10 chairs in their section. This means that almost half of our 67 freshmen choir members were placed in an All-Region Choir!!! They will attend a clinic and concert in Russellville on Saturday, November 4th.

It has been amazing getting to work on this music and get to know our students at the beginning of the year, but a special thanks goes out to Eva Martin and Dylan Kyle, our Chaffin directors, to Nathan Lee and Keely Sattazahn, our Ramsey directors, and to all the parents, as well as their other music teachers and directors who have invested in and trained up these students along their way.

I’m thankful for every one of the singers in our program and all of the hard work that went into this process. Keep up the good work!

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